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What do you think about the name Kori for a baby girl?

Haveing a baby girl due in August looking for unsual and unique names .. but Alice and Renee have to be apart of her name

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LMP due date is February 24 but at my 11w4d ultrasound August 9th I was measuring 4 days ahead?

... (12w1d) and at my 19w3d ultrasound I was only measuring 3 days ahead.. can one of you break when my conception most likely was and which date is ...

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Could I get/ be pregnant?

I had my Mirena taken out August 1st. I had sex the same day. He pulled out but a little late and ejaculated right on the outside of my vagina then ...

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How do I tell my friends Im a lesbian?

So my names Brianna. Im 16 turning 17 in August and im a lesbian. I know for sure im one without hesitation! I play softball and ...

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How can I loose 8 pounds and loose belly fat in 3 weeks?

I want to loose belly fat before school starts august 23 but I have too go to at august 11 for a meeting and I am ...

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How can I persuade my Mum and Dad to get and Iphone 4/4s/5? Serious answers please!?

So basically I have had my blackberry for 1 and a half years (August 2011) and I ...

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I don't want to go to my zoned School?

I'm entering high school in August, but I really don't want to go to my zoned high school. The school I'm zoned for ...

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