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Will my Australian tree fern recover from freeze/brown color?

Beautiful green plant wasn't covered for 3 day freeze and is brown. Is there ANY possibility of recovery now?

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Australian eloping in New York City?

Hi all, I was just wondering whether anyone on here (Australian) has eloped in NYC? Was it legal/recognised in Asutralia when you returned? My ...

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I'm an Australian with a UK passport pregnant to my Latvian partner. Where is best to have the baby?

I was born in Australia and have dual citizenship due to my mother ...

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Why is there a desert in Australia? hear that is because of the aboriginal or Indigenious Australian

... people burned it for hunting purpose in a long period of time. ...

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Need votes for dog name?

my husband and i are getting a red heeler (australian cattle dog) female pup. we've compiled a list of 30 names! we like them all some more ...

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The changing face of Australia - increasing immigration?

Is it just me, or is the face of australia changing? walking around various sydney suburbs, i often feel ...

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Do all Australians have health insurance?

I am looking for differences and similarities in health care in Australia and the United States.

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