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What is Ted's woodworking resource?

Who is the author of Ted's woodworking resource? Do you know any facts about it? What are the pros and cons?

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On which of the following statements would the author and Mondrian most likely agree?

Like so many other artists of his generation, Piet Mondrian was obsessed with making sense of an increasingly complicated, even labyrinthine, world. ...

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Name and author of book?

Robots do all the work. young people are required to be consumers . IF you consume enough of robot made stuff, you get to do work and live in a ...

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Questions about "On the Sidewalk Bleeding" by Evan Hunter?

1.Who or what is the topic? answer is Andy? 2. what is the main idea the author is trying to convey about the ...

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Is it possible to get a family to accommodate you while you settle in in California?

I am a 21 years old author who lives in South Africa and wants to look for a US based ...

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What evidence does the author provide that the chef, even after a year of hiding, fears discovery?

The Briefcase by Rebecca Makkai. Analyzing the text.

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I am converting my freelance to a side business. Do you thing the name 'Antoinette Chaos' is good?

I am a photographer, and soon to be author. My main university studies ...

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