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Is eating shredded cheese by itself weird?

My boyfriend who eats shredded Kraft cheese as a snack out of the bag doesn't believe it is weird, but I do. It is a ...

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You buy a container of cat litter for $11.50 and a bag of cat food for X dollars. The total purcha?

purchase price is 16.80 which includes 5% sales tax. Write and solve ...

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Is 5 kg of dog food enough for 14 days?

Tom also leaves a bag of food for the dog. He knows the dog eats 350 grams each day. The bag contains 5 kilograms of dog food

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Does he like me?

I am new to my school and a sophmore. There is this freshman in only one of my classes and he always touches my book bag and plays around with the ...

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I think I bruised my tailbone, what should I do?

So today my friends and I were messing around and one of my friends grabbed my bag and tugged at it which sent me flying ...

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