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5 red balls, three yellow balls, and four green balls in a bin. In each event you pick one ball and?

... observe its color, the balls are only distinguishable with their colors. After observation you put the ball back into the bin. What is the ...

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Clothing - golf shorts with a logo that looks like a horn with a half a ball to its right?

I believe that I purchased them from Kohl's but I'm not sure. Any ideas whose logo this is? I can post a picture if someone knows how to ...

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Is it possible to make a giant glass sphere 20m in diameter to collect solar power?

Is it feasible to make a giant crystal ball 20m in diameter a.k.a. magnifier glass to concentrate sunlight and increase the efficiency of solar power ...

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Can bed bugs lay eggs inside your skin or in your ears?

I just paid $3,200 to treat a small infestation in my house for bed bugs. I got a lot of bites but I'm ...

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Can my 9 yr old son get arrested?

he and a friend playing ball some windows got broke both blame each other the police say if i dont pay they will arrest my son is this ...

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Does my crush like me back??

So this may be a long story but please, I REALLY need help. So today during academic prep I drawing then all of a sudden this paper ball hits ...

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Do you think a really athletic girl could beat up a boy?

I got sorta punked out by a girl down at the b-ball courtsl. I was pokin fun at her, and she turned on me & ...

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What should I wear to my school ball?

I really want to know what dress style and colour would suit me perfectly for my ball (or prom). I am 5foot 2, hour glass figure, ...

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