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You stand on top a building 44 m tall with a water balloon. You drop the water balloon from rest.

How fast is the balloon moving when it is halfway down the building (assume no friction)?

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If I filled a sealed 4"x10ft pvc pipe with helium placed in in 3ft of water how long would it float?

Helium will disappear in a balloon over a few hours. If a closed container is filled with helium will it stay active and for how long? I need to ...

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Are hot air balloon safe? why or why not?

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OK so I've been told that a balloon floats because helium its lighter than air?

So...if there was an earth like planet with an atmosphere made of helium,what would happen ...

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Will a helium balloon pop if I write on it with a permanent marker?

i dont dare to write because i scared it might pop-ed since permanent marker has some ingredients of ...

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