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What do I get my 14 year old friend for Christmas?

She likes lemon demon (the band), colorguard, and drawing. I was gonna order her some lemon demon merch but I don’t have enough time, as I need ...

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Wifi speed drops on one specific device?

I have three devices connected to a tp-link c 7 router using the 5ghz band. They all get 115M down and 12M up but one will slow down suddenly to 35M ...

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Why do I blink when I hear a drum?

I played in my high school band but had to quit because I couldn’t stop blinking. It happened whenever the drums would start playing and I ...

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What music would I like?

Bands i really like are: Disturbed System Of A Down Wolfmother If you can think of any music with similar song structures, it doesn't even ...

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Is hair band formal for men ?

Can a male go to work wearing a hair band ?

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Does anyone knows any 70's heavy metal bands?

accept black sabbath, dio, acdc and hendrix. thanks!

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I need help finding a music video/ song?

OK so I am looking for a music video I don't know the name of the song but I can describe the music video in great detail. ...

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