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Name of the blonde girl on the TBS network promotion for TBS. She is in a cave like Indiana Jones/

She has a Indiana Jones hat on holding a lantern in her hand in a cave and a bat flys by with Indiana Jones music. I see it on TBS in between Big ...

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How can they determine how old objects in space by how far away they are from earth?

That would mean they are using earth as the center of the universe and or the center of the big bang?common sense tells me you have to measure from ...

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Im 13 and need sex help!?

i love my bf but he tutched me in the rong places yester day im scared he is going to get him and his gang to gang bang me please help

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What religion am I?

i believe in the big bang, and how the earth formed, and evolution, but i still believe that there is some sort of "god" figure out there, ...

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What is a song that ends with a 'bang' to finish of a dance?

I need a song for a dance competition and I have decided to mash up songs. However I need a final segment of ...

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What old pc game was Sheldon (from The Big Bang Theory) playing at his computer?

Ok, you may not got much from my question so here is some further information. (To all ...

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