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Construction - In blacktop paving, what do the terms stone base (graded) and fine grading mean ?

these are the terms on the work order. they did NOT lay down stone before they paved now my driveway has low spots.

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There was a base fee of $16.99 and there was an additional charge of 98 cents for each mile driven.?

... When had to pay $245.33 when he returned the truck. For how many miles did he drive the truck

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Does the KBR company pay its contract employees the same as it receives from the Government?

When a US Company receives a US government contract to provide labor do they pay the employees the same hourly rate / Base salary the US Government ...

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Math help?

Which equation would best solve the problem? The height of a triangle is 6m more than its base. The area of the triangle is 56m2. Find the length of the base. ...

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How to decor a tiny office to fit more people?

Hi everyone... For temporary bases we have to share a 9 sqm office and we're 6 people!! LOL I'm looking for any ...

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My husband and I are sperated. He's marine. Who can I call on the military base to make him pay up?

We've been seperated for about 2 mnths and he still hasn't ...

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Mythology Land Name, NEED IDEAS!?

I want to base the name of a mythological land in my book after a powerful goddess named Hera(Juno).. Can someone give me land name ...

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Sex - I recently started feeling a bump at the base of my penis but in the pubic hair. After maybe a

... week it I just kept noticing it. Then I went and shaved my pubic ...

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