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This person doesn't want me on their team because I don't talk. What should I do?

I don't talk. In P.E., this one person always says they don't want to be on my basketball team because I don't talk. Who needs to talk ...

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I am a bit under the weather and I have a basketball game and my team really needs me. Should I play

I have six people on my team (including me) and this is a really important game. I really want to play and some people are telling me to but others ...

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Do basketballs expire?

My office smelt terrible one time and the only thing I could think it could be was the basketball in my office. I thought it was the leather or ...

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What do you say when someone calls you short?

Like say if some random guy said, "Hey, dude, you're pretty short to play basketball, go play with someone your ...

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I got a horrible ankle injury yesterday. Is it broken or sprained?

Okay so I was basketball and I was going for a crossover, and somebody tripped me, and then I fell ...

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I'm 5'3 tall and I'm a girl. Would I be accepted in hs basketball team?

I would greatly appreciate your answers :)

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I'm a girl and I play basketball,And when I play with boys im good,but when I'm playing with girls,In a game i suck..Why mite this be?..I'm a ...

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Basketball advice?

I am 14 years old and i love to play basketball. I would love to get a scholarship to america for basketball but I'm just not good enough. ...

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