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I have an AA degree do I have to take basic college courses?

I obtained a Liberal Arts and Fine Arts Associates in 2006 with 120 college credits earned. I am transferring to a private college for a BA in ...

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What happens when you sell stock?

if for example you sold 600 shares of BA stock and you still had 300 shares; would your 300 shares go up in value?

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My mother in law doesn't think it's a good idea to have my last name in the baby's name?

I told her I was gonna put my last name in the baby's name, there's ...

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What song this is...the very beginning of it is a girl singing "badda badda bum bum ba dum dum" ??

The beginning of the song is a girl singin "badda badda bum bum ba ...

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Bakit ba ginawa ang reduccion?

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How do I dump my girlfriend and get my ex back?

O.K. I am in fith grade and I broke up with one girl and got into a relationship with another. How do I dump my current ...

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I wanted to know if I could run games on my computer and my dad says my computer is too slow?

so i got portal and originally he said it would not run it but it ran fine. ...

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