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What are the pros and cons for putting alka-seltzer in bath water while you soak in it?

Is it ok to put alka-seltzer in my bath water? Was thinking since our body is a organ it will help ph my body. I put almond oil to moisture my skin.

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Public bathing?

I'm a 65yr old woman with no lgbt prejudice. I'm just trying to find a public bath house that I can use and where somebody will scratch my ...

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My dog accidently licked my vegina when I came from bath I am worried. is it affect my sexual heal?

when i came after bath with bath towel my dog suddenly came on to me ...

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Can I use alka- seltzer thingies to make bath fizzies/ bath bombs?

I want to create my own recipe for bath fizzies/bath bombs. Can I use the alka-seltzer thingies ...

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Could this be my first period?

don't know but It could have been my first period. Okay I just finish going to the bath room so I wiped the was a very small dot of ...

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Should I take a shower or bath?

I need to take a shower or bath but i have to get up at 6 in the morning which means i will probally go to sleep at like 10 right now it ...

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My arms and legs burn and scab after I take a shower/bath?

I thought maybe it was my faucets, but after they were replaced, I thought maybe it was the temperature. But ...

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