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My boyfriend has a 4 year old. She’s great with me. Except when it comes to eating healthily.

He has joint custody and ever time we get her for the week it’s like we have to start all over with rules. It is a constant uphill battle to ...

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Shaving head for charity but?

I want to shave my head in honour if a 13 year old girl who recently lost her battle with cancer, she was fighting two forms, and I want to ...

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Did johosaphat really kill his daughter for the lord?

after johosaphat return from the battle in victory and saw his daughter first. did he immediately kill the daughter ...

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What sports should a teenager do?

Okay, so I'm 13 almost 14 and I'm 5'2 I'm currently at the end of a chronic pain battle for 2 years almost 3 and I ...

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When was Battle of Polasi?

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Google - Hello guys this may be silly and stupid question but Im both a big pokemon fan and kirby?

... fan and i was wondering just now who win in a battle of kirby vs ...

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