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Is it okay to move my gerbils cage around a lot?

I have two gerbils that I keep in a ten gallon glass tank and I move them to the living room with me during the day and then back to my bedroom at ...

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Can you give me a list of income base houses for disabled and senior citizens. Thanks?

We would need a one floor house with 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom must have a parking space

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I spilled water on my power cord and now none of the outlets in that room work?

I had water on a table and it got knocked over somehow and spilt on my extension cord, ...

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Hi, I want to hang my glass on my bedroom . any strong super glue suggestion ?

my glass is quite heavy hope that have strong super glue can support the glass . thanks

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Why are endless pools so expensive?

I love the idea of having a endless pool that doubles as a jacuzzi or spa. I even drew up a floor plan for a one bedroom home that has ...

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Sofa bed VS. regular bed?

I've got an average sized bedroom. it's about 10 feet wide and 9 feet in depth. I enjoy my queen size bed but it takes up a lot of ...

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I found out that theres a mouse in my bedroom and my sister calms that she felt it in her bed. itp?

my mother says that mice dont come out in bright light and that they ...

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