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How long does it take for the swelling from a bee sting to decrease?

My nephew Anthony recently got stung by a bee this past week. It swelled up by a LOT, and it seemed like it wouldn’t go down. How long does it ...

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I got stung by a bee here in the Dominican Republic on my left palm hand. What should I do?

What kind of bees are here in the Dominican Republic and do they have venom in them?

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Swarm. Can anyone help I have a swarm of bees land in my front garden hedge 3 days ago and they hav?

have been no problem until today and they are flying everywhere in the front garden. Will they eventually go does anyone no from experience.

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Love - So I stated sleepin with this guy 3 years ago he is my best friend but its been very off and?

... on. We have both dated other people since we first hooked up and ...

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I want to download and run Halo ce on my chromebook without developer mode, is this possible?

I am using a school chromebook so developer mode is blocked, is there ...

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Have tomato plants on balcony,blossoming no bees to pollenate them, how can I attract bees?

Is there any way to attract bees to pollinate the plants or how can i get ...

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I killed a bee, how do I stop feeling guilty about it?

Okay so from a childhood experience i have a huge phobia from bees and earlier this day one landed on my leg and i ...

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