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If vector ( C = 2.0 cm ; N ) and vector (D = 1.0 cm ; E ) then ( D - C = ? )?

I am doing a physics course and the questions in the tests are NOTHING like what we learn. I have no idea how to even begin doing this, C is just a ...

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I am trying to find help to understand a mystery because it has seriously affected my life?

why does everyone love me, then begin to forget me and then start seeing me as someone they don't know until the memory is gone and then they ...

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What words begin and end with the same letter?

I'm looking for a long list of English words that begin and end with the same letter

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When does human life begin?

Hi I am doing a project on Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice attitudes. I need people to please answer the following question with either A, B, or C. ...

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Help choosing an online username?

I would like to begin a channel on YouTube, but.... I don't like my current username that I use for everything. My name is Nicholas ...

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Which order should I read dc comics! they are so confusing :/?

i am new to comic book reading. i've read some of my friend's and now i'm hooked! but i ...

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Getting high!? (I NEED ANSWER ASAP)?

Hello, before we begin, If you can't answer my question, don't bother. So, I just recently quit smoking weed, but I really ...

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