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This muscle behind my shin and when I play soccer, I tightens up and bothers me. What is it called?

The muscle behind my shin tightens up while I play soccer. What is the muscle called? How do I keep it realaxed?

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Why do people have to post negative comments behind a positive one online?

You see, I usually be on You-Tube and make positive comments, but someone always comes in with a negative one and the whole room goes awol. I post a ...

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Why are some child singers sing behind a curtain in the voice kids around the world?

They do it in their blind auditions.

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Where is the modern day proof that Yahweh is a living being. Tangible proof?

I dont want bible quoted as an answer, I can defend the historical and theological validity ...

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My crush kissed me in class what do I do?

in my gym class my crushwas flirting with me and we had a sub and were hiding with friends behind stage curtains and wresteling ...

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You're half asleep, what does it mean if he starts to suck your neck?

He thinks I'm asleep, he starts by coming right behind my head and breathing down my neck..then ...

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