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Does anyone know where I can buy jotaro kujos belts?

I just want the belts

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Slimming belt under sauna suit?

I recently started wearing an electric slimming belt under my sauna suit; it really helps focus on waist. I wear the suit for hours until I'm ...

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Modern belt?

Hi everyone! Just interesting. Are chastity belts exists nowadays and if so why do people wear them?

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My Stepmother is do I deal with her?

My stepmom is a mean woman. when i was 6, she whipped me with a belt and grounded me for DOING NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!! If i ...

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How can I help my friend from being abused?

I have this friend who is like an angel but her dad all ways hits her with a BELT she always has brusies and the bad part was ...

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Why do we wear seat belts? the physics side of it?

I need to find out why we wear seat belts for my physics homework.Can you please help me?

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My father slaps me, and sometimes spanks me with a belt. He never bruises, is it abuse?

I'm fourteen, he never hits my little brothers, so better me then them right? ...

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Slender Shaper available in pakistan?

i watch us advertisement in Tv is fitness belt is it available in Pakistan ?

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