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My betta fish is bloated?

He eats fine and is still able to swim around his tank. He doesn’t swim lopsided either or have a curved back. Completely normal, simply just ...

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Can I feed betta fish fry freeze dried blood worms or freeze dried baby brine shrimp?

I have betta fish fry and have been sticking to egg yolks as a first food as of now. Can I feed them freeze-dried blood worms or baby brine shrimp? I ...

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My betta fish has fin rot, but is in a divided tank with another betta?

My male Crowntail,Betta has fin rot. I recently bought a five gallon divided tank, and another betta to go in the tank. This is when he developed the ...

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I want a fish that is easy to care for?

My mom agreed on buying me a fish for my birthday but I don't know which one to buy I don't want a betta fish a want a ...

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What's wrong with my Betta fish?

He's a super long finned betta I can't think of the name for him but he was 15 dollars he's always been less active then ...

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Betta care?

Hi there im a first time betta owner and im very happy on learning alot i did not know and betta fish, and im just wondering if you could try tell me if im ...

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How would I convince my parents to let me get a hamster?

I'm thirteen years old and I've been looking to get a pet aside from a dog since I could walk. A couple ...

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Why is my betta getting pale but still eating and swimming?

I had my betta for 6 months healthy and happy in a 3 gallon tank filtered and heated. I change the water ...

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