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My goldfish are hovering at the top of the tank rather than swimming within the body of water?

The water has tested to be safe. It appears that there is enough oxygen being dispersed. May I ask what may be causing this behavior and a possible ...

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Google - Is there a way a female can get higher T to body build without going into treatment?

I have troubles slimming down my legs and would like to have a more square appearance. Please help!

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Why is it when I move a body part, I can feel certain parts of my brain "flex"?

I am a 15 year old male who has had a brain surgery where there is a tumor blocking the passage of CFS fluid between the third and fourth ventricle. ...

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How can I make my boobs closer together?

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Why am I so skinny? I hate my body so much , I'm 13?

I'm so skinny I hate it i weigh 106 5'5 im flat and I hate it to very Girl in my class has curves most of ...

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Guys always stare at my body. Why?

I mean guys are ALWAYS staring at my chest or my butt or my midsection. Its not really annoying but still... Why do they do that? I ...

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