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I want to make a business in India of foreigner 2nd hand mobile phones but I dont know how . I have?

... already searched on google but i am not satisfied or understand the solution...pls tell me if any body knows..pls give me any suggestion

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Body - Why is my hair on my face so dense, and thick like small string of a guitar. I use to have?

... such a chiseled face and prominent chin until about 23 now i have no chin my upper lip is puffed out looking weird, and now my face is just a ...

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I'm starting intermittent fasting, are any supplements required?

I'm starting intermittent fasting. I don't normally take supplements at all. I have a off brand multi-vitamin to keep my body healthy, but ...

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How can I make my boobs closer together?

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What can I do about a best friend dying?

One of my best guy friends has a disease caused by stress and every night he is constantly in pain, when his mind gives up, his ...

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Why our body releases mucus?

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