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How would a Jews body posture be while asking for blessings from parents or elders?

Like in India, people touch feet of parents or elders in reverence and asking for blessings.. how do Jews rever their parents... In India, on ...

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If a body of mass 10kg is on a inclined plane making an angle 37° with horizontal , if coefficient?

... of friction is 0.5.then find angle of repose?

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How can I make my boobs closer together?

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Why am I so skinny? I hate my body so much , I'm 13?

I'm so skinny I hate it i weigh 106 5'5 im flat and I hate it to very Girl in my class has curves most of ...

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Guys always stare at my body. Why?

I mean guys are ALWAYS staring at my chest or my butt or my midsection. Its not really annoying but still... Why do they do that? I ...

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