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Maths - a number is said to be BORING if all digits of the number are the same how many positive?

... intergers less than 10000which are the prime and boring

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I cannot handle my mother. Everything she says is either an insult or another boring running story.?

... She is rude and unhelpful and horrible and I cant do a thing about it. When she says things to me I go into such a rage it is hard to pull ...

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I want to do drugs because my life is boring! But I keep telling myself not to! What should I do?

lately I have wanted to smoke marijuana for the fun of it! i have never ...

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I like this guy.he is is in only one of my classes...math. we both think math is we have something in common but i want to know more about him? how ...

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Sex - I like playing with my husbands ass he thinks I am a freak, help?

How can I get my husband to try. My ex-husband would try anything. Sex life now is getting boring

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Want to play maturer games but parents don't like mature (violent if you want to call it) games?

I'm 13 and am very mature (in my opinion) I've gotten to the ...

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