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Small gap after not wearing retainers?

before braces i had a gap, then i recently got my braces off about 3 months ago. a couple weeks ago i lost both if my retainers but i am getting new ...

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My inner cheek is getting stuck to my braces wire?

... move my mouth a certain way, it’s like my inner cheek gets attached/caught to my wire (or bracket, not 100% sure) What should I do?

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What is it like to have braces?

I am a tween and I am ready to get braces. I am so worried. What is it like? Also if you want to recommend a color or color combo ( red, green, ...

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How to eat taffy with braces?

If you eat taffy with braces, will It stick? Is taffy sticky candy?

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What color of braces should I get? I don't like flashy colors. Have to go to the dentist tomorrow?

Wanted to get a mint color but I'm pretty sure they don't ...

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If my dentist pulls my tooth out for my braces,will my tooth grow back?

My daughter has an old tooth that keeps hurting wondering if the dentist will take her ...

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Does Getting Your Braces Off Hurt?

In 2 weeks, I'm getting my braces off. The problem is I'm stressing out on if braces hurt or not. My dad had braces, but he ...

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Braces and glasses???

I just got new glasses today. They're REALLY super cute and I love them. They're bigger than any other pair I've ever owned, but I ...

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