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Is this normal?

Ok lately I’ve been always craving breakfast foods at dinner time like the evening, and I know this doesn’t sound that bad but I want to ...

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A recent survey indicated that the average amount spent for breakfast by business managers was $7.58

... with a standard deviation of $0.42. It was felt that breakfast on the west coast were higher than $7.58. A sample of 81 business managers on the ...

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I eat 2 scrambled eggs, yoghurt with berries/muesli for much?

Is that to much for me? i'm a 16 year old girl who happens to love breakfast and ...

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What is the best foods to eat when you feel sick/or sick?

for some reason I always feel sick,some mornings I have to go to school and I feel sick so I miss breakfast ...

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Hey all kindly my dad has diabetes when he wake up from 7:00 AM his sugar blood normal but after taking injection and breakfast it becomes 260 then in 1:00 PM ...

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My stomach hurts?

On weekdays I don't have time to eat breakfast, so I just decide to skip lunch, then I eat one bigger meal and a couple snacks later in the day. ...

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