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Why does my dogs breath reek of dead fish?

So you know how dogs like to give you licks, well my dog likes to do that, and well when she does it reeks like dead fish and I have tried brushing ...

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Why can't I breath deeply and coughing up mucus for three months?

When I breathe, I feel as if I can't take a big breath - or even yawn correctly! It's scary, I've also been coughing up mucus for ...

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What types of mask are there which can cover your mouth?

I'm writing a fantasy world where the good guys wear part of a mask to shield their identity and make sure ...

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I wake up feeling like my breath is being sucked from me?

I have been waking up in the middle of the night feeling like my breath has been being sucked out of me. I ...

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I'm @ waterfall at northern Lurelin Village with 2 torches & 2 axes in the water, anything special?

Zelda: Breath of the Wild - there's a waterfall in northern part ...

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How do you kiss?

im 12 years of age and i think im ready for my first kiss but i have no idea how to !!! do i tounge ? what if my breath smells a bit ?? HELP!!!!!!!!

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Asthma attack last night, @12:45 PM. Couldn't breath. Mom worried. Why is she worried about me?

Had an asthma attack last night. (12:45 PM). Couldn't breath. Mother ...

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