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Why on my left and right eye I started seeing blue sence 6 now amlost half of it is blue?

So I was born with brown eyes but when I was six I saw blue from then on my brown eyes have been turning blue now almost half of it is blue and ...

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What do I look like ? Mayan, Aztec ,inca?

I'm a light brown Mexican american as you know not all Mexicans are brown . I would like to know . Can I add pics here

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I'm writing a romance novel. I need a first name for a girl with the last name Hershey. Any help?

The character's description: She has blonde hair (somewhat long) ...

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Haven't had my second period in almost 11 months?

Okay. 11 months ago I had my first period. It was yucky brown, lasted about a week but I can't recall much ...

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What color should I dye my hair?? Red ?!?!?

What color should I dye my hair?? I have brown long wavy hair. i wanted dark red in Ariana greand style, should I? I rally ...

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