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There is a stink bug in my dorm room! But it's in my lamp how do I get it out without killing it?

I don't want to kill it because I don't want it to smell...

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Damn bed bugs!!

I just moved into new place and WAS using landlords bed, yes bed bugs,, I am slightly disabled and heal very slowly, I have a few small open wounds ...

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Can bed bugs lay eggs inside your skin or in your ears?

I just paid $3,200 to treat a small infestation in my house for bed bugs. I got a lot of bites but I'm ...

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Do you like warm weather or cold weather, why?

I prefer warm weather. The downside is, you get bugs and you have a risk of heat stroke if you don't drink enough ...

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I found a bed bug help !!!???

I recently found a dead bed bug in my bed. I looked up google images for bed bugs and found that it looked exactly like it ,the a couple ...

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Seeing bugs that aren't there?

I keep seeing bugs that aren't there. I have eyeglasses, and as far as I know, I don't have any new problems with my glasses nor ...

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Bug spray in mouth?

got a tiny bit of raid bug spray in mouth am I ok i rinsed and brushed teeth several times

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