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What happens to skin after getting sunburnt in the same area repeativly over short periods of time?

Hi there I'm a person who burns easily and during summer I tend to get burnt multiple times with many of those times double or triple burns. ...

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Could eating a hot pepper cause entire body to burn?

He only had a small bite

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Will I lose my saved game data if I burn my game disc to an empty CD?

So my game CD is a bit scratched up which is why I need to burn it on an empty CD. But I am afraid I will lose my saved game data! Does anyone know ...

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Enterprise rental car Com; How much they charge for Cigarette Burn damages to car seat fabric?

As per enterprise rental do we have to pay back any Cigarette Burn damages ...

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I have a burning sensation when I pee. I think it could be a urinary tract infection?

I also lost my virginity recently, about 2-3 months ago. Please tell me how to get ...

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Am I possessed by a demon?( more details inside)?

In my dreams black wolves chase me towards a demon and the it pins me to a tree by my throat and carves symboles into my ...

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I have been feeling pressure down in my Vigina after having sex and it hurts a little?

It feels like I have to pee, burns a little, feel it when I stand, we used ...

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My elbow is red and feels like rug burn. why?

The skin on my right elbow is red and feels like rug burn. It just began this morning when I woke up.

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