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Volume of a cuboid is 1000 cm^3. Dimensions of cuboid x by x by y. String is wrapped around the cuboid ( once over the top, bottom and sides ...

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What kind of math is important for getting a job at NASA?

I am a high school student and my dream job is working at NASA as an astronaut or astrophysicist, and I need to know if calculus or trigonometry is ...

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How do I review and refreshen up my math skills after not seeing math in 10 years?

Any resources or websites from basic math to advanced math up to calculus 2?

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AP Math Calculus Problems? PROBLEM 1 : Find two nonnegative numbers whose sum is 9 and so that the product of one number and the square of the other number ...

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Sin^2.x =cos^2.x =1?

I can't figure this question out, i have been stuck for weeks!! My lecturer is... not as useful as i would have hoped... any insight would be ...

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Accused of cheating in school when I didn't?

I know this sounds dodgy and unconvincing, but I wasn't trying to cheat on this honors calculus test. I have been ...

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