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What do Canadians use to measure temperature?

its for scince

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Can a Canadian go to the states to write sats?

I was unable to get a seat in the closest center and the next closest is 3 hours away, however if I go to the states its only 40 minuets.

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Can you cross the Canadian/American border under 18?

Can you cross the Canadian/American border under 18? I've heard you can do it if you are 16 and up but I’m not sure. Any extra information ...

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Moving to Poland?!?

My dad is canadian, mum is polish/thai but she grew up in Poland. I've been living in Canada since I was born and now, when I'm 15... My ...

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URGENT!!!!! Can someone help me, I need to write a thesis about David Suzuki in 2017 (PLEASE)?

So I need to write a thesis for a Persuasive essay about David Suzuki (a ...

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Is there any way to find out the process of my criminal record?

Hi, I have few questions about Canadian Criminal Record. I'm applying the K1 visa(fiancé ...

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1955 Canadian home, found bagged insulation in walls called gyproc wool is this asbestos?

Gyproc Wool Building and Home Insulation

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