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How do you think food scientists make extreme or odd candy flavors?

How do you think food scientists make extreme or odd candy flavors? From SOUR to SWEET.

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What is the name of candy from the 90's, Flip Flops?

This particular candy came in a rectangular box, and each candy was circular with 2 flavor sides, like blue/red and yellow/orange, I think it was ...

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We have 2 Coral Bells 'Carnival Candy Apple' and they are not doing well at all. We have about 5?

other kinds of Coral Bells and they are doing great, what can we do? The CCApples are in the shade and we keep them well watered to no avail. Thank ...

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Help me remember what this old candy is!?

Trying to remember an old candy. It's hazelnut shaped hard candy with soft center. Kind of like a werthers or nips, but its ...

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How to eat taffy with braces?

If you eat taffy with braces, will It stick? Is taffy sticky candy?

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Why do people make products out of animals?

People make animal coats and boots, and candy. Why do people do it,if they are that desperate to get food, they can cut their ...

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What does a horse primarily eat?

a. grass b. candy c. meat d. tree bark

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