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Can a retarded person with IQ score of 0 to 69 be smart enough to use darkweb to trackdown someone?

Can a retarded person with IQ score of 0 to 69 be smart enough to go on the darkweb to track down someone by cellphone or address

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Telesales CPE Chargebacks?

i bought a cellphone from craigslist, and i was called at&t check the IMEI number, everything is good, so i bought it. after 2 weeks i try ...

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What benefits has physical science provided us in the last decade?

Specific examples, such as cellphone etc?

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Help bout memry card?

if you already deleted your picture in your cellphone is it possible to see the deleted picture when you insert your memory card in the computer???

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From iPhone 4 to iPhone 5s or Samsung Galaxy S5 or Samsung Note 3?

I have an iPhone 4 for about 2 years now and my mum gave me a choice of upgrading to: iPhone 5c/s ...

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How do I protect my computer from creep / spyware ?

I am being spied on my computer and cellphone by some people and they send me threats and i dont know how to protect ...

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