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If the magnification of the plant cell in the diagram is 80×, what is its actual length? Describe?

... the steps in calculating amplification. Cell height - 2,5

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A white blood cell has a diameter of approximately 12 mircometers, or 0.0012 um. a model represents?

... its diameter as 24 um. what is the ratio of model size to actual size?

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A battery pack contains 100s and 4p configuration. Calculate battery pack voltage and capacity. Also

... determine cell voltage, cell capacity & battery pack KWH

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im really scared. first off i got 5 call from a number i didnt recongnize but i knew it was from my town. i didnt call back. ...

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What are the benefits of having a cell phone?

what are the benefits of teens having a cell phone?

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Is Chlorophyll found in a plant cell or an animal cell?

This is a question for a work sample for my homeschooling and it said I could research it up if I needed it and I ...

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Can my mother get the same text message as I did even if someone sent it to my phone?

My mother pays for my cell phone. EX. Lets say my friend texted me can my mother get ...

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