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If a person was charged with 4 different charges then got bound over to Grand Jury and Grand Jury...

... only indicted on 1 charge, what happens with other 3 charges?

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Can you help me with two questions?

Ok so the first one is My iPad mini 3 Iidk what's wrong with it so I've notice I left my iPad on the charger all night and I hadn't ...

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I have an ipod that is not charging. Is it my charger or ipod thats messed up?

My ipod is not charging. When i plug the charger into my ipod it wont charge. Sometimes it ...

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Gadget - I GOT A PHONE and When it is plugged in to the charger, it randomly shuts off and says?

... insert battery, then it says battery charging, then it says charge ...

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My iPod charger isn't working?

Well.... I've been using my iPod and my charger on my bed for a while, and my iPod charger isn't working anymore. It's my ...

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When I plug in the charger my iPhone 3GS it with start charging on and off every half a second?

And the only way I get it to stop is unplug and plug the charge back in ...

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IPhone 4 charger port problems?

Ok I have a iPhone 4 and today I've had problems charging it none of my chargers will work. Like when I touch the phone while it on ...

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