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How I should notified my landlord for checking a house when I move out? What to do if he can’t?

My landlord living 5 hours from me. He asked me to move and gave me 30 days. I’m planing to move earlier. How I should notified him for ...

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Why is my EFC is 000890?

I was checking my FASFA and turns out that my fcs was 000000 then jumped to 000890. Why is that?

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Spying or not?

So today I was checking on my plants which was in broad daylight and the lights suddenly went on from my neighbors "sensor light" which was ...

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Coleco Consignment Service?

Checking reputation of Coleco Consignment Service. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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How do you know if a guy is checking you out?

I was the movies last night and this guy kept looking at me and smiling then will give me a wink every now and then. He was ...

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I didn't mean to?

Im 11 and I accidently stole a pack of gum I didn't mean to I put it in my pocket cuz I was going to put it back but when I was checking out I ...

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I just got an inheritance and would like to know if gold is a safe investment?

I am nearing retirement age and have no savings what so ever, I do have a good job and a ...

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OKTP Online K Trading Post Customer Reviews Checking reputation of Online K Trading Post?

Has anyone ever purchased from Online K Trading Post? Any problems?

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