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What would happen if I ate nothing but mac and cheese for the rest of my life?

Nutritionally speaking. Could I survive and what health risks would it pose?

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If a question is based solemnly on opinion, would there be a correct answer?

example: Isn't Cheese good? answer: Opinion based (therefor no correct or wrong answer)???

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Is this discharge normal?

I had yellowish, white, thick (almost like cream cheese but a little thicker) discharge coming out my vagina. It happens about a week after my period ...

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What does this problem mean? (It is for math)?

At the grocery store, you bought a pack of gum for seventy-nine cents, a chunk of cheese for a dollar and eighty-five ...

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Is eating shredded cheese by itself weird?

My boyfriend who eats shredded Kraft cheese as a snack out of the bag doesn't believe it is weird, but I do. It is a ...

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Which dessert you love to eat.?

I love Red velvet Cheese cookies.

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Cheese? what kind?

do you like cheese? if so what kind?

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Why is cheese cake called cheesecake?

Shouldnt it be cheese pie??

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