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Is this a bad sign or am I seeing things?

Today I went into the kitchen to get some food. I saw some smoke that was staying at chest level. I checked if anything was cooking or burning but ...

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Sir, I have a three drawer Craftsman chest model #706658830 and I need part #T14940RED. This is a?

Sir, I have a three drawer Craftsman chest model #706658830 and I need part #T14940RED. This is a slide lock bar.

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Skyrim, Yngol Barrow, doing quest for vampires. I can't open the chest -says it's locked with magic?

I'm playing Skyrim, and I'm doing a questvfor one of the vampire from the castle. He told me to get an ancient remain from Yngol Barrow, ...

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Guys always stare at my body. Why?

I mean guys are ALWAYS staring at my chest or my butt or my midsection. Its not really annoying but still... Why do they do that? I ...

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Is there any way I can go swimming without being embarrased about my flat chest?

I'm 17 and I'm a 32A, it would be a dream come true if I were a B cup. I know ...

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Im 12 and have chest pains?

Hi. im 12. And, i get some chest pains. They dont last for a super long time. Maybe, 2 minutes? But, if i drink a cup of water, it feels ...

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Im hairy! Help. Read?

Im 15 and very hairy for my age. :/ i made the biggest mistake of my life by shaving my chest and stomach, ive done it heaps now, its black thik ...

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Am I a lesbian?

I think i might be a lesbian but im not sure. I used to have a hard time trying not to stare at women's chest. Also when my friends show me these ...

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