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My friends Chevy Cobalt popped a coolant hose out of the clip?

The one from reservoir to engine. What would cause this? Closed thermostat? Radiator cap? A few months ago, I replaced the black plastic piece the ...

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What are some good names for my red Chevy Equinox?

All I have so far are Roxi/Foxi Noxi Nox. If you can come up with something nerdy, that would be great

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I have a 350 chevy with howard cam 400/410 lift while running sound like a knock in engine 826?

heads every thing is new crank bearings pistons and every thing been ...

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Is there such a thing as seller remorse?

Okay so it all began me wanting to sell my husbands 1956 Chevy Bel Air I posted an ad on craigslist and within an hour I was ...

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2003 Chevy impala won't start off in any forward gear but when put in nuetral and pushed 25 mph and?

... then put in 3rd gear will take off

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