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Should I say something, or just let it go?

I told my best friend that I'd be bringing home Chinese Food after my concert & that I'd drop some off at her home. Her b/f told me ...

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What was the first amphibian and its name?

i need this answer for a project i'm doing in biology, it is on the evolution of the chinese giant salamander

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Why Chinese women don't date black men?

I notice there are many Japanese, Laotian or Filipino women date black men in bay area. But I have never seen any Chinese women ...

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Help with Chinese syallables?

I’m trying to speak Chinese; first it would be good to learn how to pronounce Chinese syllables in that way I can read Chinese pinyin. ...

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What contributions did the chinese people make?

kites.List some things.

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Can I wear a pink dress to a Chinese wedding?

I'm attending a Chinese wedding next week and bought a hot pink cocktail dress. Is it okay to wear a pink dress to ...

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What is the best way to learn Mandarin?

I've been trying for a while now to try and learn new languages, not really knowing how. Mandarin wouldn't be the first ...

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