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Looking for a specific guitar showmanship photo?

There's a picture I saw of a classic rock band where one guy is holding another guy by one leg so he's lifted into the air, and the guy in ...

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What classic rock song has an opera singer in the intro?

Also one part of the lyrics goes "when you're knocking at the door"

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I would like to play classic adventure games such as 5 Days a Stranger etc. Any suggestions?

Preferably with mystery or horror and a good storyline

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Whats the famous (classic?) techno-like song that goes like: WOOH WOOOH woooah woooooooooah?

The main chorus is WOOOOOOH WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH the group of (hot?) guys singing ...

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In which classic music video was a kid mocked?

I'm trying to solve the following riddle: "The main character, a kid, in this classic music video was mocked for ...

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