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What is the name of the tune that plays when the Joi device turns on in "Blade Runner 2049"?

I believe that it is a fragment of a fairly well-known piece of classical music but I can't quite recall what it is called or where I have heard ...

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What's that classical piece that goes WEEwoo... WEEwoo (Badum-bum), weeWOO,?

.....(dididididietc…)? It's a famous classical song, all I remember is the epic opening. The Weewoo parts are these loud violins, ...

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Does anyone know the classical song on the new Very fashion sale advert 29/06/16 ?

Sazam won't pick it up when played it from you tube.

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Classical song in Montile Add?

Does anyone know the name/composer of the classical piece that appears in the latest advert for Montile Tiles?

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I need a classical monologue from a play written before 1910 for a 16 year old female.?

... Help ? It doesn't matter race or anything. It just needs to be written ...

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What was one important effect of the Renaissance on European culture? A. a sense of common?

... heritage based on classical Greek and Roman civilizations B. the ...

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