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My teacher wants me to paint something for them to put up in their classroom. Any ideas?

I've always had a good connection with this teacher. They've helped me through a lot during school and have even bought me art supplies ...

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Can the school see what you search in private browsing?

In our school we receive iPads to use for google classroom and stuff like that but can the school see what you search in private browsing tabs, even ...

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Why do black people smell so bad? I am studying in Houston and on the train to my school or even the

... classroom I feel really annoying with that smell. Why?

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What are foods that don't make you fart/gurgle?

I am serious and not joking - I'll explain. In school after I eat lunch, I start to build gas inside me. I don't ...

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Make to sell?

In 2017 i am going to malawi, south africa to build classrooms for the children. In order to get there i need to raise £2300. To raise some of this i ...

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What is the best possible network for a school?

How many students can access, that has 2 building 3 stories and 6 classroom in each floor?

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