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Does glass stemware sing when washing around bottom ?

I am holding a stemware wine glass , when I take my cloth and rub it around the bottom of the stem, the flat part, it sings? So is that glass or ...

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Is it possible to have cloth simulations interactively run in a website ?

I'm thinking of a website that works like Skechfab , or at least uses a similar feature , where you can rotate and navigate around 3d models , ...

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What are some Malaysian cloths?

tell me the answer 8) =) 8( =(

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I accidently flushed a wash cloth down the toilet yesterday, but the toilets flushing fine?

I accidently dropped it down the toilet when emptying a bucket of dirty water ...

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Need a name for my small crafting business?

I mainly make baby things blankets, bows, tutu's, diaper covers, burp cloths, bedding, etc. I am trying to think of a ...

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Sex - once I ejaculated my siemens on a cloth. I washed it with water. then I entered it my?

... partner's vagina. can she be pregnent? it is three days before her ...

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