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Movie name?

I remember that it was an comedy/action movie or something like that, and involverad drugs or police. I think one scene is in a nightclub where the ...

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What comedy film had theater on a ship?

studens on a ship perform a play & murder it's the greatest

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I am searching for Bollywood movie name with comedy scene in which hotel manager shows a hill?

I am searching for Bollywood movie name with comedy scene in which hotel manager (not sure its aftab or someone) shows a hotel having beautiful ...

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What is your favorite movie genre? 1) Horror 2) Action 3) Comedy 4) Drama?

This is for a school project so if y'all could please help.

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What is the best anime, comedy, romance, adventure to watch?

I really loved the shows attack on titan, pokemon, teen titans, and avatar the last airbender. Id like to ...

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Looking for a movie to show at a high school Movie Night. Suggestions?

Preferably a reasonably appropriate and entertaining comedy or action movie that will appeal to a ...

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Why do you use WERE in this sentence? (English Grammar)?

(English Grammar) Lines from Boston Legal (American legal drama-comedy) are shown below, I don't understand ...

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Google - Tv Series Similar to Castle?

Hello, Can anyone suggest me a serie like Castle similar romance/relationship between the main characters, Comedy-Drama and ...

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