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I am coding and forgot how to get a specific detail done?

My computer science teacher taught us to use DataIn.readln(); however when I try to put this in it calls it an error. for some clarification, this ...

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How to solve these using C string (Computer Science)?

1 Assume that title and last are C-string variables, as shown below. Write a code fragment to eliminate the last word in title. Assume that title has ...

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Is computer science and engineering just same as computer science?

I wanna know wht is difference between computer science and engineering && just computer science.

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Is it possible to boot a computer with a USB and an external HDD? (no internal)?

So I have a computer with a corrupted HDD, a replacement may take a long time. I was ...

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Change From chemical Eng To Computer Science ?

Hi, i just got accepted in chemical engineering but im so confused about studying chemical and its career future ! I have ...

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Which is better computer science engineering or computer engineering,plzz give one according to u?

like job opportunities in google, apple,facebook

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What is the full-length representation of the IPv6 address 2a00:c1::1:43c4:7e8f. ?

I would really appreciate if you could help me out with this one. I've been ...

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Group project: my teammates are so terrible that they complained about me to an extent that I got a?

computer science student. group work with 4 ppl. let's say X Y Z ...

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