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I will never be able to turn off my touch pad on my computer! Help!?

I am a gamer and I usually play games that require me to you use my keyboard. Whenever I use my keyboard my arm brushes against the touch pad. I ...

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IPad mini won't turn on ..Shows iTune and charger..I have no home computer what are my options?

Just would like to know if any one knows how to fix problem without computer..thanka

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Who invented the computer?

we are doing a project for history of an computer.we need help finding who invented it.can you help us?

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Will a game work on a computer with a slower than recommended processor speed?????

Will a game that requires say 2.1 Ghz processor speed run on a machine with a 1.2 Ghz ...

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About computer hacking?

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A man locked his personal computer with a password?

A man locked his personal computer with a password and wrote some phrases in the hint box. One day his wife tries to ...

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