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Inflatable dome house?

saw on tv years ago, a house made of concrete laid on top of inflatable balloon domes, I think the man who made it was a Pixar employee or something, ...

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A unreinforced concrete beam is 6in wide and 12 in deep and has a point load P at the third?

... points of the span. How large can the point load P be before the beam cracks if the f't = 400 psi? a) 50 lb b) 100 lb c) 400 ...

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How to clean concrete mixer?

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I wanted to ask about the influence of Aggregrate size on the workability of Concrete?

... aggregrate will have less surface are and therefore less water will be ...

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What thickness of concrete to handle vacuum?

I am working on a project and need to know if concrete can withstand vacuum, and what thickness is needed. For easier ...

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