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Airfoil confusion?

I wanted to ask a question regarding airfoils. When looking at videos online about them, the instructors say that airfoils work because the top of ...

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Currently I'm working in kitchen department but I started my career in F & B.

I m 24 now and I have to much confusion about my career. Which line will be good for me in the future?

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Cultural confusion w/ Korean friends. Please help!?

I am kind of confused by Korean culture. I am at a crossroads at college with many different friends from many different cultures, but one of my best ...

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Well I'm in the 7th grade and I noticed some people particularly boys do just stupid things to me... They think its funny to say I love you, or as ...

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Boyfriend confusion :c?

So my boyfriend and I have dated for a few months. We dates briefly before, but then I broke up with him which hurt him a lot. Then we got back ...

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Should I hire freelancers or web designers for my new website design ?

As freelancers are in trending but less reliable then web designer of IT firms. So i am in ...

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Please help clear my doubt please?

m having some confusion which I can\'t clear it with any one. So I wanted your help to clear it. I love one girl she is also ...

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What to do when you are quite certain he likes you?

So I have been in love with this boy for 2 and a half years now, we have been good friends since I met him. The ...

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