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What’s one of the best modded controllers for Xbox one x?

Xbox one controllers with mods

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We just got a new controller for our Xbox one and put the batteries in the controller. What else do?

I need to do in order to be able to start using the controller---old one still works but is about shot so wanting to start using new controller?

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My ps3 is telling me to plug in controller to usb but controller doesn't have usb in back. Help!?

I have a charging station for my controllers and no usb in the back. I ...

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Need help finding my ps4 controller?

So here's the story I am 16 years old and I bought a PS4 and my mom took the controller and grounded me with no chance to get ...

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Alpine ERA-G320 wire harness diagram?

I have alpine era-g320 without controller and wire harness,are not sure on the wiring of the six pin connector which color goes in ...

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I need this answer?

An automated assembly line equipped with state of the art Rockwell Automation controllers, has an interesting inaugural process for starting up each ...

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This is a port on your computer that is used to connect to the DSL or Cable modem?

Network Interface Card ( NIC) Integrated Data Controller ( IDC) Integrated ...

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