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I was at a store and a cop called me to come down. They have me stealing merchandise. Should I go?

They got my number because I paid with my credit card?

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Is that a threat?

So I complained to the cops about my neighbor playing loud music and now he has to pay a $700 fine and the next day he came to me said if i get the ...

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If you call the cops on a drunk driver while driving can they find out you called the cops on them?

I called the cops on a drunk driver I was driving behind and gave my name and info. He got arrested, will he know who called the cops on him? For ...

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I took something from walmart. The cops came to my house and hour after and never came to my door?

They came about an hour after I left and never knocked or anything. ...

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Hey is this an undercover cop?

This girl said she was 16 , i was 15 , i sent nudes , she said she was a 30 yr old police officer and to tell him my name and face. I asked ...

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I found pot in my parents room?

I've found pot in my parents bed room what happens if I call the cops? What should I do?

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