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When a key of copper of mass 26g at 150°C was dropped gentil into a copper calorimeter of mass 70g?

... containing 80g of water at 45°C neglecting heat loses.Calculate the final temperature.

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How to splice together a damaged electrical cord?

I’ve seen this done before but now that I’ve prepared the 4 ends for connecting (exposed tiny copper wires ready to match other ends and ...

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Which of the following species of shark is most dangerous by character?

I wonder which shark is the most dangerous of these by character: Dusky shark, Silky shark, ...

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Can I use simple copper wire in place of magnet wire used for coiling of transformer?

I am making transformer. I have watched videos on that. they were using magnet wire ...

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Environmental Regulations?

You are the permit writer at an environmental agency. You have been assigned to write the permit conditions for a copper mine and associated ...

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